click it the details are better than the drawing


SADA redux pt. 3

well well, what did i say, white, black, slim, sleek, and yes, little bit of future. Edited thoroughly and hacked to bits this layout started out the stock 'minima' design.




the sada redesign part 2

So we're sitting, watching Artax sink in to the saddening mud. but hey cheer up, my fashion expert, in a mood because the brat on project runway won, and i must say, i wasn't that happy about it either, gave his always useful insight on the sada redesign. You can check 'er out here: The SADA Blog. I may have promised a less colorful scheme but the green just has a certain spartan glow to it. how about a little snap shot.

op, the luck dragon is here. next a colorful piece of a Mahoney.

ciao for now DAHLINGS


the sada redesign.

After showing SADA fashion marvel Nicholas Verburgt some web design tips, we started brainstorming some ideas for a full overhaul of The Sada Blog. Black, white, slim and sleek, everything it should be and more with bigger photos and full coverage of the Student Apparel Design Association.

ayudate: Help Yourself

ayudate is my new creative outlet. This blog to will be used display artwork, sketches, photos, new websites, logos and graphic design projects. I also plan to offer any insight I get on web design and and graphic design that I pick up along the way, because I know when I'm just bumming around with out any inspiration, I can usually get out of the slump if I have something new to try.

As the first post, I want to link to PSDtuts. This tutorial blog is on top of the trend and looks in modern marketing and can help anyone find the edge in graphic design that they just can't teach in a classroom.